ball roll tutorial

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The ball roll is a great way to quickly nip the ball past your opponent and get away from them. It can also be used when the defender is behind marking tight, Paul Pogba is one player we’ve seen use ball rolls to go past a defender. Not only is it an effective skill to have in your locker, it’s also very easy to do.

Start off by practicing the technique on a still ball, then you can include the skill as part of a chain move, like a ball roll into a stepover or chop.

Step 1

  • Place your non ball roll foot behind the ball.
  • This will allow you to roll the ball in front of that planting foot.
  • Using the front part of the sole of your foot, roll across the top of the ball. Making sure the ball goes across the front of your plant foot.
  • Your body momentum should be going with the roll over to your standing leg side.
  • Arms can be extended to help balance yourself.
  • Keep your eyes on the area of the ball you need to make contact with.

Step 2

  • Now try the ball roll whilst dribbling.
  • You can use the ball roll before another skill like a reverse stepover or a chop.
  • You can use the roll to change direction, so try to knock the ball to the side and switch back the other way using a ball roll.
  • Practice multiple ball rolls.
  • Now try against a defender or against some cones if you don’t have a defender with you.
  • You can perform multiple ball rolls to try and turn a defender who’s marking tight.

And that’s the ball roll done in two quick steps.