dipping volley

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Before you attempt the technique it’s important to know if you have the space in front of you to perform the technique. It wouldn’t make sense trying this volley if there is a defender stood directly in front of you. Let’s take you through the steps:

Step 1

To improve your technique, start by practicing closer to the goal.

  • Throw a ball in front of you and try not to let It bounce.
  • Place your standing leg underneath to the side of the ball, allowing space for your kicking leg to swing through and pull your kicking leg back.
  • The last step you take in to plant your foot should be bigger, almost as if you’re jumping in to the plant. This will help to add power.
  • When the ball is coming down and about to be at hip height, pull your kicking leg back, swing through to meet the bottom part of the ball with your laces.
  • Aim to create topspin by following through upwards with your foot.

Why do we need to follow through upwards? Let’s take an example of spinning the ball upwards and forwards with your hands, you’ll notice when you spin, the ball goes from high to low (dips down). It’s the same spin you need to create with your foot. This makes the follow through very important.

  • You should aim to make connection with this part of your foot (show this part) and aim to let the ball roll off from there. So the ball should roll forwards off your foot from the top of the laces.

Step 2

  • You must have the arm opposite your kicking leg up for balancing and eyes fixed on the ball.
  • Your upper body should be leaning forward like so, leaning forward will help to keep the ball lower.
  • Try to connect with the ball in the line of where you want it to go and strike through towards your target.
  • Make sure your hips are slightly or fully facing the direction you want the ball to go.
  • If the ball is coming across your body, keep your eyes on the ball and you will need to judge the speed of the ball and meet the ball when it’s just below knee height.

Step 3

  • It’s important that you’re heading forwards towards the ball as this will help create more power. When you’re heading forwards into the volley, you already have some momentum from the run so this will add more power into the shot.
  • Leaning back whilst volleying will add height so try to get your shoulders over the ball.
  • Now try with the ball coming towards you from a pass.