fake shot ball roll

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The fake shot ball roll is another easy but very effective move when done correctly. It can be used against both defenders and the goalkeeper. You have to sell it to the defender or keeper with your body movement and quality of the exit roll. The key is to make it look as if you’re shooting, passing or crossing.

This move is best done when the ball is rolling. However, we’re going to start with the ball still, to show you the technique.

Step 1

  • Plant your non ball roll foot a little behind and to the side of the ball, to allow the ball to be rolled in front.
  • Now bring your ball roll leg back & to the ball as if you’re shooting.
  • You will need to roll the ball using the sole of your foot in the front area. Roll the ball from one side of your sole, to the other.
  • Now take a few steps back from the ball and jog towards it. You will need to shape up as if you’re going to shoot.
  • Taking a bigger step in to plant your foot helps to sell the move as it looks like you’re shooting, passing or crossing.
  • Just before you’re about to connect with the ball, decrease the speed of your ball roll leg. This helps you to do the roll in a controlled manner. You can increase or decrease to find the right speed that suits you.

Step 2

  • Now try when dribbling.
  • When dribbling you should plant your foot to the side, in line with the ball to allow the ball to roll forwards.
  • You should be opening your body out like you would shape to shoot, cross or pass.
  • Your arms also need to be extended for balancing.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the ball and you should watch the defender with your peripheral vision to see if they react.
  • The leg you use for the roll will naturally follow the ball and finish across the front of your standing leg.
  • If you’re straight on facing the defender, try shifting the ball out a little to your ball roll side to make it look like your shooting/crossing/passing.

Step 3

  • Now try this skill in front of goal, you can use cones to go around if you don’t have someone who can defend against you.
  • You will need to be quick when you roll and exit as this gives the defender/keeper less time to react.
  • It’s also important to perform the fake shot ball roll with a bit of distance between you and the defender/keeper. You have to get the right separation, so not too far away as they’ll be able to recover quicker. We’d say you leave a gap of approx. 2 steps when attempting. This skill can be performed whilst closer to the defender but bare in mind you’re giving them more of a chance to get the ball.
  • It’s very important that you carry out the move with confidence and belief. The more times you practice, the more confidence you’ll gain. If the move hasn’t worked against a defender, keep trying and practicing.


Skills should be done at speed to really throw the defender off and get past them. Remember, by doing to move quick and exiting quick, you’re giving the defender less time to react to your move. You should slow things down if it’s not quite working for you, remember repetition is key when learning something new.