flat low driven cross

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Step 1

For a low drive with your laces otherwise known as a flat low drive, the steps are similar to a low driven, the only difference will be your body shape and the part of your foot that connects with the ball.

  • If you don’t have someone to cross to, setup a zone/target
  • Plant your foot next to the ball but leave a little gap for your kicking leg to swing through.
  • You’ll need to make sure your hips are facing your target.
  • When you approach the ball try and lean towards the side where you’ve ran in from, this will help you use the correct technique in order to get the inside outside bend required.
  • You should aim to cut across the ball from outside to inside, this will create that inside to outside bend you’re after.

Step 2

You’ll also need to make sure your leg comes across your body on the follow through.

  • You should connect with the ball from the laces part of your foot
  • Your foot should be angled so your laces are exposed to the ball.
  • The low drive with your laces can be effective when the defensive line isn’t in position yet, if they are in position and your teammate has drop behind them or to pick out your teammate on the edge of the box.
  • Try with your weaker foot
  • Be sure to try what you’ve learnt in training and in game