flick pass

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The flick pass can be extremely useful in certain situations, it’s not just a pass that looks good when it works. It can often get you out of a sticky situation like a tight space, when there’s a player tightly marking you, it can help quicken up the play or help you get into a better position. Players like Neymar, Mbappe and Eden Hazard have got it locked down. You do have to be careful where and when you use it. Using it in the attacking final third is what we’d recommend as if you lose the ball in this third, your team will have more of a chance to recover. We only recommend using it in other areas of the pitch once you become comfortable using it.

For this type of pass use the outside and inside of your foot.

To get used to the technique, start with the ball still beside you and using the outside of your foot, simply flick the ball towards a target like a cone gate.

Step 1

The very fist thing you need to do before you attempt the flick pass is to look where your teammate is placed, so a quick look over your shoulder will do the job.

  • Then you can decide whether an outside foot flick or inside foot flick is required.
  • You don’t want to flick unless it’s going to lead to something that benefits your team.

Step 2

Start by practicing with the ball coming towards you, if you’re on your own this can be done by passing to a wall and flicking the ball towards a coned gate to the side or behind you when it’s coming towards you.

  • This can also be done by using a person to pass the ball to you and flicking back into their running path.
  • You’ll need to make sure your flicking foot is in line with the side of the ball you need to connect with.
  • You want to bring your flicking foot slightly ahead of your non flicking foot.
  • As the ball is coming towards you lift your flicking foot slightly off the ground, using the outside or inside of your foot, meet the ball at the side and delicately but quickly flick away to your target.
  • You’ll need to meet the ball on the side opposite to where you want the ball to go. So if you want the flick to go left, connect right side or if you want the ball to go right, connect left side.

Your upper body should be upright, eyes fixed on the area of the ball you need to hit and your arms should be extended for balancing.

Step 3

When you’ve flicked the ball away, try running out for the return pass. Be ready to push off straight after the flick.

  • You should try to avoid standing still after the flick as you might be needed again for a return pass.
  • To get more accurate with your flick pass set up a target (2 cones) and try to delicately flick the ball through the target.
  • This passing style can be very effective in game to quicken up the play, particularly in and around the box you’re attacking or to set your teammate up.
  • This technique can also be effective when finishing.