Sole Control tutorial

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The sole control is one of the best controlling methods to stop the ball at your feet. It is best used if the ball is travelling straight towards your feet. Let’s take you through the steps.

Step 1

Standing straight on, get someone to pass the ball towards you or use a wall to rebound. Make sure the ball coming back at you is along the ground.

  • Using your strong foot, lift your foot a little off the ground so it’s pointing up. Aim to control using the front end of the sole.
  • Try to avoid lifting your foot too high as you don’t want the ball to go under the sole of your foot. Your foot should be angled.
  • When you meet the ball your leg should be extended like so, your leg should have a bend from the knee to help take pace off the ball and help keep the ball closer to you.

Step 2

Your sole should now be on top of the ball and you can push the ball out in whatever direction you like.

  • To push out forwards after the control, keep the ball at the front of your sole and roll your foot forwards over the ball.
  • To exit backwards, keep the ball in the middle of your sole and simply roll your foot backwards over the top of the ball. Your upper body should roll out with the ball.
  • Now try mixing the sole control with your shooting.


The ground sole control is just another way to control a ball whilst it’s rolling to you on the ground. It’s a better method to use when you want the ball to stay close to you and not run the risk of the ball bouncing too far away.