inside foot control

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The most common style of controlling and probably the first way you learn to control is with the inside of your foot. The reason for this is because it’s an area of your foot which allows you to get to the ball at multiple angles. If you’re in a match you need to consider if where you are on the pitch requires an inside foot control, then you need to select how you’re going to use it. For example, do you need to touch out or keep it close? How much of a delicate touch is required? Should you touch to the side, behind or in front?

Let’s take you through our simple steps to control using the inside of your foot.

Simply ask someone to pass the ball towards you or if you’re on your own, find a wall to rebound off.

Step 1

As the ball is traveling towards you, get in line with the ball and set your feet. Try to set your feet with space in between.

  • You don’t want your feet to be too close as this can cause you to miss control the ball or get stuck in your feet. Allowing space between feet sets you up to have a good touch out.
  • Using the foot you want to control with, slightly raise it off the ground and open your leg out so the inside of your foot is exposed. Keep your leg in line with your upper body to remain balanced and avoid mis controlling. Try to avoid sticking your leg out towards the ball and pulling your leg back too far.
  • As you’re about to make contact with the ball, you should be lowering your foot down into the ball. This also helps to take pace off the ball and keep the ball close to yourself after the touch.
  • You want the ball to make contact with that exposed part of your foot, so the more of the inside of your foot you can show to the ball, the better.

Tense your foot a little and allow the ball to hit.

Step 2

  • If the ball is coming at you from the air, lift your leg up more and control the ball down by bringing your foot back with the ball upon impact.
  • If you don’t have anyone to pass the ball to you, rebound off a wall or throw the ball in the air.
  • Try receiving in a zone to test how good your control is.
  • Try to use your weaker foot.
  • Try controlling in a zone and shooting.