inside foot elastico

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The inside foot elastico is very similar to the normal elastico but with the inside of your foot, as the name suggests. The only differences being the positioning of your body and the way in which you make contact with the ball. This move is particularly useful to fake a pass.

Unlike most skill moves, this one is best done from stand still, but can still be done with your dribble.

Step 1

  • Place your non elastico foot to the side of the ball, leaving a gap.
  • This move works best when it looks as if you’re going to pass, so with this in mind, shape up as if you’re going to pass.
  • Using the inside of your foot, push into the ball from the upper middle part down to the outside of the ball to flick out the other way.
  • Once your foot is at the side of the ball, you can make the second connection with the upper inside part of your foot and flick back inside.
  • Make sure you bring your foot down to the side of the ball after you’ve made the first connection, as this will allow you to make the second connection and flick for the exit.

Step 2

  • Your arms don’t have to be extended for balancing as you’re not moving much to do the skill, unless you feel it helps make it look like you’re passing.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the ball with the defender in your peripheral vision.
  • Try to slightly drop your shoulder upon first contact with the ball as this helps to make it look like you’re going to exit one way.
  • Now try the move whilst dribbling. If you find the skill isn’t quite working, decrease your dribbling speed.
  • Try the skill against a defender or some cones to replicate the width of a defender.
  • Its also important to perform the inside foot elastico with a bit of distance between you and your defender. You have to get the right separation, so not too far away as they’ll be able to recover quicker and not too close as you risk being intercepted.
  • It’s very important that you carry out the move with confidence and belief. The more times you practice, the more confidence you’ll gain. If the move hasn’t worked against a defender, keep trying and practicing.


This move is best used when you’re in a 1v1 situation and preferably in the opponent’s half of the field.

Skills should be done at speed to really throw the defender off and get past them. Remember, by doing to move quick and exiting quick, you’re giving the defender less time to react to your move. You should slow things down if it’s not quite working for you, remember repetition is key when learning something new.

Make sure you try this skill in training to get used to how you use it. Try not to get discouraged if you’re struggling or it’s not coming off in matches, the key is to keep going and practice until it’s right.