inside foot pass tutorial

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The most common and accurate way to pass a ball is with the inside of your foot. It’s the most common method of passing the ball because most players find it to be a naturally easier motion. You’re also able to control the speed, direction, spin, height of your pass etc. Another reason is there’s more of a surface area for your foot to connect with the ball.

There’s not a fixed technique for the pass either as there’s multiple effects the inside of your foot can put on the ball such as, side spin, chipped, front spin etc. However, there are some fundamentals that you should stick to like keeping your eyes on the ball, your foot placement and body shape. When carrying out any pass balance is important, if you’re off balance, you can often find your passes going astray. Let’s take you through the steps:

We’d recommend first practicing the action of the pass. If you don’t have anyone to pass to, try passing to a wall so the ball rebounds back to you.

Step 1

Make sure your feet are set by first planting your standing leg to the side of the ball, this will allow space for your passing foot to swing through.

  • Some players find having their planting foot pointing towards their target helps to direct the ball there.
  • Your upper body should be upright and eyes should be fixed on the area of the ball you need to make contact with.
  • Your upper body should stay compact and hips pointing towards your target. Some players find pointing with your opposite arm to kicking leg at your target helps with direction.
  • Your arm on your non passing leg side should be up for balancing.

Step 2

Make sure you keep your foot locked in place when kicking through, this will help put power in the pass.

  • Make sure your foot is angled so the inside of your foot is exposed and connects with the ball.
  • Try to connect in the lower middle of the ball with the middle area of your foot.
  • Follow through the pass firmly.

If you want the ball to go straight and firm along the ground, then follow through the middle of the ball with your leg straight and your leg should not finish too high as this will give you more topspin.

Step 3

Try different types of passing, come at the ball from different angles and run with or towards the ball.

  • Try curled passes, lobbed, backspin and front spin.

Step 4

For a straight pass with front spin, approach the ball straight and follow through the middle lower part of the ball.

  • To add more topspin, connect with the ball in a slightly more upwards motion and allow your leg to finish higher on the follow through.
  • For a curled pass, approach the ball from an angle, open your hips and make contact with the ball from inside to outside across the middle lower part of the ball.
  • Keep trying this passing technique until you find the style that you’re most comfortable with, principles stay the same.
  • Practice different angles to improve your passing ability and accuracy.
  • Practice against a wall or with somebody else.