Kick Ups tutorial

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Kick ups are easily one of the best ways to improve your ball control. They help you to get a good feel for the ball and get you used to the different areas of your foot you can control with. Below is a step by step guide on how you can perform kick ups.

Step 1

Start off by bouncing a ball in front of you and make sure the ball bounces back up to around hip height. You need a bit of height to allow yourself time to get your foot back under the ball.

step 2

As the ball is on the way back down, bring your strong foot under the ball and tap the bottom of the ball back up with the laces part of your foot.

  • Your leg should be straight when kicking the ball back up.
  • You should keep your foot tensed when kicking the ball back up.
  • It’s important to note you aren’t looking for too much force when kicking up as this will send the ball higher and it will be more difficult to control. This is where you should adjust the power you put into the kick up. We recommend kicking to a height that allows you time to set your feet for your next kick up.
  • Your head should be over the ball as you become more familiar with the technique.

step 3

Start by doing one at a time, whilst keeping the ball bouncing in front of you so you are able to kick it back up.

  • As your confidence & ability grows, you can increase the amount of kick ups you do without letting the ball bounce.
  • Once you become confident and can do 30+ kick ups with your strong foot, use both feet to perform the kick ups, this will improve your touch with your weaker foot.

There are many things you can do during kick ups to better your control, such as kicking the ball higher in the air and trying to resume kick ups when the ball drops back down, or using different parts of your foot to do them. These different methods can really help you become a master of ball control. Of course, these are for when you become an expert at the basic style of kick ups, so they’ll be in a separate tutorial.