open body finish tutorial

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The open body finish is a great finishing technique to have in your locker. This type of finish is best used in the box, when one on one with the keeper. Although, it can be used outside the box too. When used correctly, the keeper will stand no chance as the ball should curl from out to in. It can also be used to curl around a defender in front of you. Let’s take a look at the steps required:

Before you attempt the technique it’s vital that you assess your target, so have a quick look up to see if this technique is suitable.

Step 1

Start closer to the goal and when you get used to the technique, move further out.

  • Practice the technique by starting off with the ball still.
  • Take at least a few steps back from the ball and one to your weaker foot side.
  • You need to make sure you come at the ball from an angle, the idea is that you come around the side of the ball to try and get as much whip as possible.
  • Jog up to the ball and place your standing leg to the side of the ball with your body facing the area of the goal you’re aiming for, allowing plenty of room for your kicking leg to come through. Also you should have a small flex in your knee.
  • Bring your kicking leg through and make contact using the inside middle part of your foot, in the middle lower area of the ball, whipping diagonally upwards to create spin.
  • Your kicking leg should come across the back of your standing leg like so to help expose the inside of your foot of the ball and it will help with generating whip or curl required

The last step you take in to plant your foot should be bigger, almost as if you’re jumping in to the plant. This will help to add power.

Step 2

The arm opposite to your kicking leg should be up for balancing and your other arm is down.

  • Your body should be somewhat facing the area of the goal you want the ball to go
  • Aim to set the ball outside the post and be bringing it back in with the whip you put on the shot.
  • Try to open your hips to get as much whip as possible to place it in the corners.

As you get more of an understanding of the technique, then start to run up to the ball.

Step 3

Now try practicing with the ball rolling.                        

  • Depending on the height you want from the shot, as the general rule applies, the way you get over the ball/where you strike the ball is what will dictate this. So if you want height, lean back a little and connect towards the bottom of the ball diagonally upwards. If you want to keep it low then get over the ball and connect with the lower middle half of the ball, whilst maintaining the diagonal motion across the ball with your foot.
  • When shooting keep your legs and core tensed to help generate power.
  • Keep practicing this technique as it is an awesome tool to have in your finishing locker.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you’re missing or can’t quite get the curve on the ball yet, this will come with practice.

Try practicing with a target to improve accuracy