open body reverse finish

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Steps are very similar to the open body finish, except you can run up to the ball at a slightly narrower angle and when making contact with the ball you need to whip the ball back the other way. This is a great technique to have in your skillset, as it is very effective in tricking the goalkeeper into thinking you’re going in the corner you’re facing, the keeper will more than likely be heading towards that corner so when you then reverse the shot it makes it difficult for the keeper to transfer his/her weight back the other way. Also it’s highly likely the defender who is in front will commit to blocking when seeing you shape up for an open body, this can lead to gaps to the side you’re reversing to or in between their legs. Practice with the ball still and then with your dribble. Let’s break down the technique.

Before you attempt the technique it’s vital that you assess your target, so have a quick look up to see if this technique is suitable and to see where the keeper is positioned.

Step 1

This technique is best used when dribbling across the goal and shooting back the other way.

  • Keep your run up and body positioning the same as normal open body until you reach the ball, the only difference is foot connection with the ball and body positioning when connecting with the ball.
  • It’s very important that you keep your eye on the keeper to see where they are positioned.
  • Plant your standing leg to the side of the ball allowing room for your kicking leg to come through.
  • The last step you take in to plant your foot should be bugger, almost as if you’re jumping in to the plant. This will help to add power.
  • Some players find having your planting foot pointing somewhat towards the corner they want to place the ball, helps in directing the ball there.
  • Connect with the ball with the inside middle part of your foot.
  • When closer to the keeper or inside the box, you’re essentially aiming to strong pass the ball into the corner.

Naturally your shooting leg will go back across your body.

Step 2

Keep your body facing the corner you’re not shooting

in, until you connect with the ball, this gives the keeper less of a chance to read the shot.

  • Connect with the ball from the side opposite the corner you’re aiming for.
  • As an example if you’re left footed dribbling left across the goal and want to place the shot in the right corner, you should shape up to go towards the left side of the goal.
  • To do this, you should make connection with the left side of the ball and whip back over your standing leg side towards the right corner.
  • The opposite applies to right footers.
  • As you’re shooting, your upper body should be slightly over the ball as you don’t want to gain too much height from the shot. Any height on the ball should come from the area of the ball you connect with.
  • Your arms should be up for balancing and the arm opposite to your shooting leg should be higher.
  • Make sure your eyes are on the ball.
  • Practice in training when a player is defending against you
  • Keep an eye on the defender to see when they commit to a block