outside foot dribble tutorial

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The outside foot dribble is the most common type of dribbling method you’ll learn. It’s also the most effective method when dribbling at high speeds. You can use three different types of simple dribbling practices to help get you used to it. 1. Point to point, 2. Cone in & out and 3. Slalom.

You’ll need to use the outside front area of your foot to dribble. This is the most effective way to dribble and is widely used by the best dribblers in the world. Intensity is key so as you get used to this dribble, keep testing yourself by increasing your speed.

Step 1

Start with a simple point to point dribble. Get to cones or objects and place them on the floor approx. 10 steps apart.

  • Aim to make little but quick touches on the ball.
  • Try to keep the ball close to your foot as possible whilst moving quickly.
  • Try to keep your upper body upright and slightly over the ball whilst dribbling.

Your eyes should be looking around the area of the ball, some players find looking ahead of the ball helps, others find looking down at the ball helps.

By making little touches on the ball, you’re making it difficult for the defender to intercept as the ball is constantly with you. If your touches were bigger, you’re increasing the chances of the defender intercepting as the ball will be away from your foot more.

Step 2

Now set out some cones in a straight line to dribble in & out of.

  • Try to set the cones from half a step to one step apart.
  • Start dribbling in & out, remember you’re looking to keep the ball close by making little but quick taps.
  • Use both feet and try to get as many touches with the outside of your feet as possible.
  • If you can’t get to the ball with the outside of your foot, use the inside to regain control.
  • The main goal is to get plenty of touches with the outside of your foot whilst keeping the ball close.
  • The foot that isn’t touching the ball should be used to help push back inside, so we need to make sure it’s planted after the touch, ready for your next foot.

Avoid going straight over the cones, the point of the in & out is to replicate what you’d do in a match to change direction and shift your feet.

Step 3

Now set out some cones in a slalom format, this is a great way to improve your control whilst running and making cuts around the cones to change direction is more realistic to what you’ll be doing in a match.

  • To change direction around the cone, you’ll need to bring your foot around to the side of the ball.
  • Just before you change direction, plant your standing foot a little wide of the cone, this will help you to bring your dribbling foot to the ball and push away with the ball.
  • Now try these practices with shooting.
  • Try dribbling against a defender or cone. Allow approximately 1 step before you push the ball away for a shot. The idea is that you get as close to the defender as possible to limit them intercepting when pushing the ball out for a shot. The closer you are to the defender when pushing away, the less time they’ll have to react.
  • Try adding a skill move in front of the defender or cone like a stepover or ball roll.

When you really get used to dribbling and can consistently keep the ball close to your foot, try adding skill moves around the cones.