outside foot pass tutorial

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Using the outside of your foot is one of the best ways to surprise the opposition and it’s also a method of passing that not many players have mastered. Players like Paul Pogba, James Rodriguez and Luka Modric are a few in today’s game that have this in their locker. When you pass with the outside of your foot, you’re changing the angle of your pass which can lead to confusion for defenders. Sometimes the ball will be on your weaker side and you might not be as confident to pass with your weaker foot, so this is where using the outside of your strong foot can benefit you. Let’s get into the steps:

A good way to start would be to practice the motion of the pass so you get used to the technique.

Step 1

  • Take 2-3 steps back and jog up to the ball.
  • Place your non passing leg to the side of the ball, allowing space for you passing foot to swing through.
  • Then aim to connect with the ball using the outside middle part of your foot and make contact in the lower middle area of the ball. This will allow you to get the spin required.
  • You need to make sure you angle your foot slightly to expose the outside of your foot to the ball.

Step 2

Your upper body should be upright slightly leaning into the pass.

  • The arm opposite to your kicking leg should be up for balancing and your eyes should be looking at the ball.
  • If you want more height on the pass, you’ll need to lean back more and connect further down the ball.

Step 3

Pull your passing leg back to gather thrust needed for the pass and swing through with your passing foot going diagonally across the ball from outside to inside.

  • Your passing leg should follow through and come across your body to help create the spin required for the type of pass to be effective.
  • Now try running up to the ball, your run up should either be straight or from the side of your weaker foot. This will allow you the best chance to carry out the technique as you have more space to bring your kicking leg across your body and expose the outside of your foot to the ball.
  • Some players find jumping through after the contact helps with their technique.
  • This pass is particularly effective in matches and can often surprise the opposition.
  • Practice often and use in training to get better
  • Practice against a wall or with a friend.
  • Use targets for improving accuracy