ping pass tutorial

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A pinged pass is very important to have in your locker, practice is key with this one, you might find you’ve not quite got the power yet, just stick to this technique that you’re about to learn and you’ll eventually get there.

We say it is a key technique to have because it can lead to goal scoring opportunities for your team. You’ll often find professional footballers switching the play to the other side of the pitch with a long pass, this can lead to chances being created and also cuts out a number of other passes that could be avoided.

It can also be used to play your attacker in on goal. You want to avoid putting too much height on the pass as you want to give the opposition less of a chance and time as possible to intercept.

Step 1

Practice by taking 4 to 6 steps back from the ball at an angle, this gives you the momentum needed to strike the ball with power.

  • As you get more familiar with how to long pass, it can be cut down to 2-3 steps.
  • You should also practice with the ball rolling.
  • Start by running towards the ball. Starting your run up to the ball at an angle, will allow you to connect with the ball correctly as you need your body to beat an angle.
  • Bring your kicking leg back up towards your glut
  • Make sure your planting foot is beside the ball, allowing room for your kicking foot to swing through. If the ball is rolling, your plant foot will need to be closer to the ball as it is already rolling away from yourself.
  • Now swing back through to meet the ball, aiming to make contact with this part of your foot at an angle, in the lower portion of the ball.
  • When you’re ready to plant your foot, the last step you take into the plant should be bigger. This will help generate the power required.
  • Keep your foot still on solid during the connection.

Step 2

Arms should be extended for balancing. Arm opposite to your passing leg should be up higher.

  • Your eyes should be fixed on the lower area of the ball.
  • You should be leaning back slightly for elevation and upper body directed towards your target and leaning to the side as you make contact.
  • When you come at the ball from an angle, your body will be leaning slightly, you want this to happen. It allows you to connect with the ball in the correct part of your foot.

Step 3

Naturally as you strike through the pass, your passing leg can finish across your body. This usually happens when you strike a ball with power at an angle.

  • Try the technique with the ball rolling
  • If you don’t have a teammate to pass to, set up a target.
  • Practice in training, in an area with space or with a friend or on your own aiming for a target.
  • Practice with your weaker foot too