power shot tutorial

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Many people think having a strong leg physique is all you need for a powerful shot. Whilst we agree that having a strong leg physique can add more power to your shots, it’s not just down to that one thing. In fact, there’s a couple of things which largely contribute to the technique such as your body shape & how you connect with the ball. We’d say these are the main things to consider when shooting with power. Let’s break down the technique:

Start off by shooting closer to the goal, then as you get used to the technique, move further out. Try going through the technique at a slower speed and then increasing your speed as you become more confident.

Before you attempt the technique in a game, it’s vital that you assess your target, so have a quick look around to see if you have the space to use the technique and look to see where the keeper is placed.

Step 1

Take at least 4 steps back, this will give you the momentum needed in the run up.

  • Now run towards the ball at a slight angle, this will help you connect at the angle required, if you run up too straight you limit yourself from using the correct technique.
  • Plant your standing foot next to the ball at a slight angle, allowing a gap if the ball is not rolling or rolling forwards or less of a gap if the ball is rolling across your body, this is so your kicking foot can swing through. There should also be a small flex in your knee. Some players find having their foot pointed at the corner they want to put the ball in helps to direct the ball there.
  • The last step you take in to plant your foot should be bugger, almost as if you’re jumping in to the plant. This will help to add power.
  • Make sure your arm opposite your kicking leg is up for balancing and the other arm is down.

Step 2

Bring your shooting leg back up like so to generate power and swing through to hit the ball with the upper inside laces part of your foot, as this is the densest part of your foot, connects with the middle lower end of the ball.

  • Strike through the bottom half of the ball with your foot slightly angled and follow through the ball with a slight hop/jump in the direction your body is taking you.
  • Try to keep your foot pointed down and tensed when swinging through to make contact with the ball, this will keep your foot still & solid during the connection. If your foot isn’t still or is floppy, you won’t get anywhere near as much power.
  • Keep your legs and core tensed whilst shooting to help generate power.

Step 3

Your leg should follow through across your standing leg.

  • If you want more topspin, follow through so your leg finishes high.
  • The more you lean back the more height you’ll get on the shot, height will also come from how low you connect with the ball.
  • To keep the shot low, get your shoulders slightly over the ball and avoid connecting too low.
  • Try not to worry if you find your shots are missing or aren’t always going in the top corners, this will come with practice and remember that bottom corners are just as effective.
  • Add power if you’re consistent or decrease if not so consistent.
  • Practice against a wall (be careful with rebounds) or in training.
  • Practice rolling and standstill shots.