rainbow flick tutorial

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learn how to rainbow flick

Step 1

Start off by practicing with the ball still, then running up to the ball and finally with your dribble.

·      Place the heel of your foot you want to rainbow flick with to the side of the ball. It doesn’t matter which foot you place in front, whichever you’re comfortable with.

·      Now you want to clamp the ball using both feet, so bring the inside of your other foot to the opposite side of the ball and clamp the ball between both feet. The ball should now be clamped between your heel and the inside of your other foot.

·      Try to avoid clamping with too much force, you need to roll the ball up so the clamp will need to be delicate.

·      Your whole body should be directly over the ball.

·      With the ball now clamped, you will need to create a hopping motion forwards for the move to work. So, slightly lean forwards over to your rainbow flick side and start to push into the hop from your rainbow flick leg.

·      As you’re about to hop, use the inside of your foot that’s at the back and roll the ball up the back of your rainbow flick leg.

·      When you feel the ball at the back of your leg, you should release the ball from your non rainbow flick leg and at the same time bring your rainbow flick leg up and try to flick over your head.

·      Aim to roll the ball up between the area above your heel and the bottom of your calf.

·      Your rainbow flick leg will need to be flexed from the knee to help with the hopping motion.

·      It’s vital that you combine the forward lean and roll up so you can pull the move off smoothly.

·      The forward lean helps you to meet the ball at the back and flick over in the direction you’re leaning towards.

·      Now try taking a couple of steps back from the ball and attempting.

·      You will land on your non rainbow flick leg first, this should be used to help you push off after the flick to retrieve the ball.

Step 2

·      As you hop your arms should naturally come up a little.

·      You can place your rainbow flick leg a little bit ahead of the ball, your other leg will need to delicately push the ball up your leg.

·      Aim to perform the roll up and flick with quickness.

·      Taking a few steps back and jogging up to the ball helps to create the forward momentum needed.

·      Now try the move with your dribble. The only thing that will change is where you plant your rainbow flick leg. You will need to plant ahead of the ball as it’s rolling and allow the ball to roll towards your heel.

·      When the ball is close to your heel, then bring the inside of your other foot to the ball to clamp and roll.