Running Control

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Controlling the ball whilst on the run can be a difficult skill to master, you have to combine a good first touch to set the ball into your running path with timing. You will find yourself controlling on the run in matches more often than you think so it’s important to lock down the technique. Let’s take you through the steps of how we think you can become a master of this controlling method.

Step 1

Whilst you are dribbling, simply play a one-two with someone or anything that can rebound back to you like a bench or a wall, make sure the ball coming back to you is played ahead of you into your running path, so you can meet the ball whilst on the run.

  • Or the ball could be coming straight at you whilst you’re on the run.
  • Try to keep your upper body heading forwards upon controlling to help carry on running with the ball.
  • If the ball is played slightly behind you (which often happens during a game) you will need to slow down and adjust your positioning to regain control of the ball.

There are many different areas you can use whilst controlling on the run, the main two in this example are outside and inside of the foot. The foot you use for your next stride should be the one controlling the ball as this helps with your balance and momentum.

Step 2

As you are about to control, lift your foot a little off the ground, this helps with avoiding the ball going over your foot, not too high as you don’t want it to roll under.

  • Using the outside or inside of your foot, delicately touch the ball in the direction you want to go, you’re aiming to feed the ball into your path. You’ll need to expose the area of your foot you want to control the ball with.
  • Practice with your weaker foot to become even better
  • It’s very important that you’re quick to the ball after the touch. However, if you find you’re miss-controlling, slow things down a little until you’re comfortable.

Step 3

As you become more familiar with this control, start increasing the speed in which you do it.

  • If you’re with someone, ask them to increase the speed of the pass.
  • You can include this control with your practices such as passing, shooting & crossing.
  • Try to keep the ball close to you after the touch, if you touch out too far ahead, it will be easier for the defender to intercept.
  • If you’re with someone, ask them to pass the ball to you in the air, so it drops in front of your running path. This can happen more often than not in a game so it’s good to be prepared.

There will be a separate tutorial on how to control the ball from the air so stay tuned to FootyBeast.