side volley

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The reason this is called a side volley is because you will be leaning to the side whilst you strike through the ball. This will help keep the ball lower and also creates side spin on the ball, you can really get that outside to inside bend with this technique.

Let’s take you through the steps:

Step 1

To improve your technique, start by standing on the penalty spot.

  • Throw the ball in front of you, place your standing leg next to the ball and have your body at a leaning angle over your standing leg side.
  • The last step you take in to plant your foot should be bigger, almost as if you’re jumping in to the plant. This will help to add power.
  • Connect with the ball with your upper laces/outside part of your foot and follow through so your kicking leg comes across your standing leg.
  • Meet the ball when it is around hip height, with your kicking foot meeting the bottom portion of the ball from left to right if you’re left footed or from right to left if you’re right footed, doing this helps create sidespin required.

Follow through so your kicking leg goes across your standing leg.

Step 2

Keep your body angled and arms up for balance.

  • Your eyes should be fixed on the ball until contact is made.
  • Progress so when you meet the ball you’re already heading forwards, into the ball as this will help create power.
  • Connect with the ball in the line of where you want it to go.
  • Strike through the ball towards your target.
  • Practice against a wall or something that will rebound back to you like a fence.
  • Practice trying to hit a target with the volley to improve accuracy.
  • Practice with the ball coming at you