stepover body feint

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The stepover body feint is a skill that you don’t actually see too often in the professional game. However, that’s not to say it’s not an effective skill to use. It is very effective when done correctly. Players who you might have seen doing this move are Garrincha, Neymar and Lucas Moura. Essentially you’re purely using your body to completely throw the defender off and make them think you’re going to exit with the ball in one direction but you feint and exit the other way.

Unlike most skill moves, this one is best done when the ball is not rolling.

Step 1

  • The first thing you will need to do is decide which way you want to exit after the move.
  • Now with the ball at your feet, plant your standing leg just behind the ball or to the side of the ball.
  • When starting the feint, your body will need to be leaning towards the direction your feigning towards which will be over to your standing leg side. This will really sell the move to the defender and make it look like you’re pushing away.
  • You will need to create a hopping motion diagonally over the ball and land on your dribbling out foot.
  • Using the leg you want to dribble out of the move with, bring it over and across the front of the ball.
  • As you’ve brought stepover leg past the ball, your original standing leg should be in the air to really help make it look as if you’re pushing away.
  • Now using the foot you want to dribble with, bring it back to the ball and push away.
  • When bringing your foot back to the ball, your non dribble foot should be planted to help you push away.

Step 2

  • Try this move against some cones or a defender.
  • Keep your eyes around the front area of the ball, this allows you to watch the defenders movement too.
  • You should also try this move with your dribble. However, we recommend you attempting at lower dribbling speeds.
  • Give it a go with your opposite side.
  • The better you make the feign movement, the more you’ll throw off the defender.
  • You will need to be quick when performing this move as it gives the defender less time to catch you.
  • Its also important to perform the stepover body feint with a bit of distance between you and your defender. You have to get the right separation, so not too far away as they’ll be able to recover quicker and not too close as you risk being intercepted.
  • It’s very important that you carry out the move with confidence and belief. The more times you practice, the more confidence you’ll gain.


This move is best used when you’re in a 1v1 situation and preferably in the opponent’s half of the field. You want to avoid losing the ball in dangerous situations like the half of the pitch you’re defending.

Skills should be done at speed to really throw the defender off and get past them. Remember, by doing to move quick and exiting quick, you’re giving the defender less time to react to your move. You should slow things down if it’s not quite working for you, remember repetition is key when learning something new.

Make sure you try this skill in training to get used to how you use it. Try not to get discouraged if you’re struggling or it’s not coming off in matches, the key is to keep going and practice until it’s right.