the sancho

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The Sancho skill move is a very easy one to do and also very effective in 1v1 situations. When done quickly, you can really get that separation needed from yourself and the defender.

  • To start with you need to make it look as if you’re going to push away with the ball, so plant your non ball roll leg (usually your weaker foot) to the side of the ball, leaving a gap.
  •            Now do a ball roll diagonally over towards your weaker foot side.
  •       As the ball is travelling to your weaker foot side, lift yourself off the ground with a small hop and make contact with the ball using the inside part of your weaker foot.
  •            You will need to direct the knock diagonally out to the side of the defender, so the ball goes past them into the open space.
  •            Try to avoid jumping too high as you’ll need to be quick in getting to the ball after the move.
  •            When you ball roll you will need the ball to be roughly in line with your ball roll side shoulder. If the ball isn’t, then slightly knock the ball to the side a little and then perform the move.
  •            Keep your eyes on the area just in front of the ball so you have the defender in your peripherals.
  •            Now try the move with your dribble.
  •            Remember the ball roll needs to be towards your weaker foot. So because you’re already heading forwards, a slight diagonal roll is best to allow you to meet the ball.