volley pass

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A volleyed pass can be used to instinctively pass the ball, if the ball is in the air and you need to distribute quickly then a volley pass is what you could use. It can be used to switch the play or to put your teammate through on goal. If you’re putting your attacker through behind the defensive line, it’s difficult for the defenders to read as the ball is in the air travelling from outside to inside. Let’s take you through the steps:

Step 1

Bounce or throw a ball in the air at hip height.

  • Plant your standing leg next to the ball allowing room for your kicking leg.
  • Be careful not to plant your foot too close to the ball as your body will be too squashed together to carry out the technique.
  • The last step you take in to plant your foot should be bigger to help add power to the pass.
  • Lean to the side a little to help you use the correct technique.

Step 2

Both arms should be extended for balancing.

  • Bring your kicking leg through and connect with the bottom half of the ball with the upper laces area of your foot, going diagonally across the ball.
  • By using this part of your foot and connecting with the ball in this way, you’ll get the outside to inside curve that’s required.
  • Naturally your kicking leg will come across your body, we want this to happen as it helps create the curve on the pass.
  • If you don’t want too much height on the pass, allow the ball to drop a little below knee height and then connect with the ball.
  • The higher up you connect with the ball, the less elevation you’ll get.
  • Try against a wall, with a friend or by setting up a zone to pass into.